Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Mothers Success Story

The story below is from one of the graduates of our Life Mastery/Life Coaching programs.

Lynne truly has turned her life around, and continues to amaze me and so many other people in her life.

Her story was featured in the January issue of Parent and Child magazine.

Shortly after completing the course
After many years of trying to be a perfect Mom and Wife by trying to make everyone happy. I spent so many years not present in my life that caused me tremendous stress and grief as a parent and wife. The One Thing Theory that David Essel teaches is a concept that I use as a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Best Friend and Co-worker to radically change my relationships with the people in my life. By taking his Master Life Coaching Certification Course I have learned how to help others and not enable them, this is most important to me with my children. I recommend this course not because I have seen the changes in me but the most important people in my life have seen me change into a patient, loving, calm, passionate woman who has words of wisdom and encouragement. That to me is the proof that this path was the right one.
Thank you David Essel for all your graciousness, understanding and non judgement of those you encounter you are truly a gift from God.
Lynne Pietrzyk

3 months later

I started out on this journey to help people face their challenges and take action in their life. I realized a few weeks into it I had a deep passion to help other women; married, single and moms. I am a Life Coach to the Mom’s of the World. What I was most surprised about was the teachings I receive from all of the wonderful clients I have received. When my ego is having a challenging day I stop, slow down, and think of the radical changes my clients have made in their life and it truly brings me back to what is important in life.
I currently have 5 clients and I am starting a book club to inspire others to take action in their life.

Namaste to you David, you are a gift to me and my family.

Lynne Pietrzyk

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