Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Pageants: A Path to Confidence

Over the years I have had the chance to work with many young women as they prepared themselves for one of the hundreds of Beauty /Modeling Pageants available today, and in each and everyone of them I saw an immense increase in their confidence in life regardless if they won or not.

One girl, who was coaxed into competing by her best friend, could barely look me in the eye as we tried to prepare her for a one question interview format. Within 3 hours, everything shifted! She had never received assistance in regards to personal communication skills, and once she trusted the process, she totally blossomed.

Another always walked with her shoulders slumped forward, even though she was a gifted musician, straight A student, and exceptional volleyball player. Her internal confidence was low, as she had tried to hide the fact that she was uncomfortable being taller than all of her friends.
Within several weeks, she had a transformation that astounded everyone, as she walked into the room with her shoulders back and head held high.

Many who compete in these events use them as stepping stones for careers in broadcasting, and also as a way to enhance their chances of getting into the college of their choice.

My role is an incredibly exciting one, as I watch them enthusiastically learn the secrets of public presentation skills, interviewing, posture, and the safest ways to create the lean and fit physique they've always wanted in a safe and sane way.

No extreme diets, no starvation methods, just time tested eating plans and exercise routines that radically can shift any ones body in 4-9 weeks.

Yes, beauty pageants can enhance all of the contestants levels of confidence, and it's exciting to see the amazing end results year after year.

Love, peace. David Essel

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