Sunday, April 5, 2009

How Positive Thinking Can Work for You

Positive thinking can work for all of us, and help us to achieve greater success in life, if we know how to use it correctly.

In my last blog, I talked about the downfalls or perils of positive thinking. Like the person who says they'll quit drinking vodka because they realize they may be dependent upon it and only consume wine or, people who hope if they just think positive thoughts they won't have to face their financial crisis, or crappy relationship..... positive thoughts can be used as a way to try to escape the reality of life.

Once you learn how to deal with the emotions you're trying to escape, and actually feel the pain, insecurity, or fear in your life, you can then use positive affirmations, books and CD's to greatly enhance your energy and drive.

Positive thinking the, can actually work in your favor.

The power of positive thinking can enhance your discipline, assist you in finishing a delayed project, propel you to take new risks, and open your mind to the untapped power that lies withing each of us.

Slow down, feel your challenges, then go to work and surround yourself with the power of positive thinking.

Read books, connect with positive groups through church, community or networking organizations.

Learn how to love yourself more deeply, and watch your world change.

Love, peace David Essel

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking