Friday, April 3, 2009

The Perils of Positive Thinking??

As it states in the religion/philosophy of Taoism, the opposites of life are needed for light to shine in the midst of the darkness, so yes, there are perils to those who try to fight anxiety, depression, lack etc. with the weapon of positive thinking alone.

Recently a client sat across from me perplexed as to why he was still in a state of anxiety regarding his finances, career and more when he had been reading, listening to and reciting line after line of positive affirmations for the past 30 days. When he saw no results, he decided to work with a life coach.

The power of positive thinking, affirmations, positive treatments, all have their place in life.

But so does deeply feeling the anguish of doubt, fear, loneliness.

Mother Teresa wrote about her anguish, and doubt in God at times.

President Lincoln is well known for his "dark nights of the soul."

Art Buchwald found relief from clinical depression only after admitting he needed to look into, not away from, his internal pain!

You and I are the same.

Do not "mask " your pain with positive thoughts, religion, or affirmations.....instead write about your anguish....feel it deeply for several minutes a day for a week, then follow those deep periods of pain with coaching, counseling, services, meetings and positive affirmations.

Slow down, feel all of the deep feelings that God gave you, that you might want to run from. They are there for a reason, not just to be shoved under a rug. If we try to cover them, we face the perils of positive thinking.

They just become worse. Not better. Ask Art, Mother Teresa in your meditations, or anyone else such as myself, who has experienced deep clinical depression, to find that the only way out is to stop running, and go deeper inside.

Relief, then, will come.

Love, peace, David Essel

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