Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are you really ready for love? Part 2

The response to my article about being really ready for love was absolutely astounding. So many people are resonating with this topic, that I wanted to share a few of their comments.(Please read that first article before continuing on here.DE)

"I love it! Yes, a person Really has to be Ready, "within", for love.."

"David. This is great & thanks for sharing. So many people can truly learn from these words to help them in the relationship area of life."

"I completely relate to this story, I am 100% aware of letting my past debris behind, by putting myself in the healing process right now."

My client who I wrote about in the first article, could not agree more with these comments.

"David , reading these remarks has put a huge smile on my face. Before, I was projecting out into the world, that all of my problems in love were due to the men I had selected.

Yes, a very ego driven thought. But a true one. I did not want to accept responsibility, I just wanted to be in love. When it was not working it had to be "them". Through our work together, I am seeing my role, I am slowing down, I am looking at the patterns that I have fallen into. Through the writing exercises we do, I am actually healing.

Every day, my resentments against men is lessening. My desire to trust, just for the sake of trusting, something I never even wanted to do is becoming a real possibility. And yes, even though I don't fully want to, i've taken myself out of the dating world. And honestly, the pressure to be with someone is getting less and less each day. I'm so glad my story is helping other people, but most importantly, me and my children. In deep gratitude, Kathie"

For every single person in the world today, the message is the same. Become real with yourself, honest, and examine your feelings about men and women, present and past. Let's all get on the healing path together.

Slow down.

Love, David Essel

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