Friday, March 13, 2009

Searching, Finding Success in Unusual Places/Erica

The following writing is from a graduate of my Life Mastery/Life Coach Master Level Certification.

Erica is truly an example of an outstanding person, who combines her passion and love for both pets and people into her new found life path. Rock on girl!!

The True Essence of Who I Am
Erica Schivinski, RN,BSN, Certified Life Coach
Intuitive Pet Coach

As a Registered Nurse for many years I appreciate the fragility of life and embrace the art of compassion and nurturing humans. However, as I grew spiritually and emotionally I yearned for more, I wanted to intertwine my passion for people with my devotion and love for animals. I started this new mission simply by volunteering with my therapy dog at the local hospital on my days off, sharing joy and words of encouragement to critically ill patients.

Then one morning I turned on the television and saw David Essel talking passionately about Life Coaching, I was intrigued, so I called to inquire and two days later signed up for the course. I quickly grasped the concept of life coaching and was able to genuinely conceive the art of listening, while asking open ended questions and being congruent with oneself while maintaining a positive outlook on life. I challenged myself by pursuing a Master’s Level Certification as a Life Coach and embraced a new peacefulness and true happiness that poured from within.

Once I completed my certifications, I wondered and when would I start coaching people? Days turned into weeks and I began to despair, even though I was still utilizing all the skills I learned in various capacities. Skills improved daily such as a deeper level of open communication and better listening with my husband, friends and even co workers. I began acknowledging everyone’s inner beauty and uniqueness as well as sharing words of positive encouragement to anyone I came in contact with. This new found outlook definitely made a difference in my life, because I noticed people gravitating toward me with smiles and an uncanny openness, willingness and desire to talk and interact.

While learning the ways of life coaching-one of the concepts that stood out to me the most during classes and seminars was to be “open and receptive to everything around you and remove the tunnel vision“. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…people had been asking me for advice and help with their pets for years! All of a sudden, everything started falling into place. For example, when I was volunteering with my amazing little Pomeranian, Foxy, people started asking me to help train their dogs to be so well behaved, even nurses started asking me to go out and pick the perfect pet for their family and help teach it manners and basic obedience.

Opening my eyes to life allowed me to acknowledge the potential for truly obtaining my passion, my niche… and now today I am opening my very own unique company called Perfect Pet Connection. My company is truly the essence of who I am, I am coaching people to train their pets and matching individuals and families with the most compatible and perfect pet for their situation. In addition, I am offering grievance services, coaching people through difficult times and enabling them with the tools to effectively cope with the loss of their beloved pet.

All of the services I offer require accountability on the part of the potential pet owner as well as writing assignments, journaling, and of course constant contact for reassurance and motivation. My innate ability to connect with animals and humans has lead to me to an unsurpassed place of fulfillment and happiness. And although their were many bumps in the road and I spent countless hours learning how to start a new business, I know the hard work is all worth it on this amazing journey of life. I will continue on my path of personal growth and professional success by following my true passion helping people connect with pets, hence the name the Perfect Pet Connection.

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