Monday, March 23, 2009

The Economy : Unseen Growth Is Here

There has been an amazing shift in our economy, as the growth that so many are waiting and hoping for is finally here, unseen by some, but definitely here.

Deals and bargains, coupons and more are fueling the trend. Payment plans will continue to increase, allowing more people to do what they want/need to do, without pulling them into payments they can not afford.

Living within our means has finally caught our attention, and most of us will finally be in a much better position financially as we scale back, and purchase withing what is affordable to us.

All of this is incredibly great news, but do not expect to see it in our media, TV, radio, newspapers anytime soon.

Why? Because sensationalism sells.Period.

Negativity sells.

The good news, that is creeping up all around us in society, will not sell until everyone sees that the negative stories are too old to grab attention.

We see in our business a total shift..people WANT the good news.

They are joining our workshops, hiring us as consultants and coaches, attending our lectures in powerful numbers compared to just 6 months ago!

And when I talk to other inspirational speakers, positive mindset presenters, their experience is the same.

We have broken out of the doom and gloom, and prosperity is all around us.

I hope you'll join us, as life has become so much more enjoyable, more productive and more abundant.

Slow down.

Love, peace David Essel

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