Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking Care of The Most Important Person in Life

Taking Care of The Most Important Person in Your Life is the easiest thing you could ever do, once you realize that this person is you.

If you take care of you......... physically, mentally , spiritually, financially etc....you will have more energy , more creativity, and more passion to share with the world!!

Yet, the opposite is true too.

Many female clients that I work with struggle so deeply with this concept, as they have been lead to believe that everyone else's needs are more important than theirs.

This easily can result in resentment, and often does.

So, today, sit back and think about just one thing you can do today to really nurture...you.

Take a walk in nature, go sit in a church or temple...get to the gym...eat a salad for lunch...see a movie, maybe even alone!!

Write in your gratitude journal....meditate....visit a 12 step meeting...take an extra long bath or shower...get a massage..go to a park and shoot some hoops...visit the local pet shelter and speak lovingly to the animals..

Take care of you, and watch your world change.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel www.talkdavid.com

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