Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Crisis to Personal Success..Workshop & more

For the past 24 years, I have witnessed people from all walks of life move from a variety of crisis experiences, to a life of success.

From addiction to sobriety, bankruptcy to financial solvency, divorce to forgiveness, weight issues to health as well as a lack of any type of spiritual connection to a place of deep faith.

In some of these cases, I was simply an observer, in others I played the role of confidant and coach. And in still others, I was the main character who honestly never believed at some point that a positive change could occur.

In every instance, we all come to the inevitable fork in the road that asks us to do something different than we are today, to see a major shift in the way our life is headed.

The great news is, right now tools are available that can help you to begin to dramatically turn your life, health, relationships, finances and more onto a new path that will bring a sense of success you may have never experienced before:

1 To shift your outside world,we must find, examine and change our inner beliefs about who we are, and what we believe in .

2 In order for our attitude to be shifted once and for all, we need to explore the benefits and challenges that come from trying to be a more positive thinker.

3 Holding ourselves accountable may not sound like fun, however there are steps to follow that will make this instantly a new part of your daily existence.

4 Some powerful changes in your daily routine may only take 10 minutes per day, yet lead to enormous end results.

5 The true power of affirmations and visualization is often missed as we lack the knowledge on how to most effectively use these wonderful action steps.

6 Abundance, in any area of life, actual miracles, can easily occur for you, or anyone, who wants to follow a new path.

At this very time in our lives, I see millions of people who are daily drowning in crisis, challenges and chaos that could rapidly change their entire existence with the guidelines that millions before them have successfully followed.

Please join me Sunday April 26, 2009 from 1-5pm at Fitness on the Move Health Club, Ft Myers Florida as we spend an amazing 5 hours sharing how anyone can begin to shift their lives today from crisis to personal success.

If I had not personally walked through the "fires" in life that many today are facing, I would not be able to share this information with the enthusiasm that I have...Yes, regardless of how challenging life may be right now, there is a path to greater success that we will share, explore and give you that day.

Included in the workshop fee, at no extra cost, you will receive a copy of the Hay House book "Slow Down: the Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want" as well as the powerful CD "Slow Down: Transform Your Stress Into Success".

Slow down, it's time to move from crisis to personal


From Crisis To Personal Success Workshop - April 26th - $99

Love, peace David Essel

Join me Sunday

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