Monday, October 19, 2009

Are You Expecting To Be Successful?

When I think about all of the successful people in this world and the commonalities that they have held onto, one of the defining traits to me is that each and every one of them expected to be successful, regardless of what was currently going on in their personal or business world.

From my interviews with people like authors Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, former quarterback Roman Gabriel, to actress Jenna Elfman or Olympic great Greg Louganis, each and every one of them expected to be successful in any area of life that they walked into.

Now, sometimes as in the case of author Napoleon Hill, the success did not come as soon as he originally expected. As a matter of fact, his best selling book "Think and Grow Rich" took him 25 years to create! And all along the way, even though he hit roadblocks , setbacks and frustrations, he never once held any expectation other than the fact that it would be a major selling book, and one that would positively affect the lives of millions.

Our world has become one where instant gratification is the norm, where we tend to believe that if we don't hit the big money , or the lasting love, or the perfect body right now, now that we've finally made up our minds to do so, then maybe we're just not meant to be that successful in life.

But those who are successful know that the opposite is often true. We need to hold those high expectations to be successful everyday, do the work necessary to make them happen, and then have the faith that they will, regardless of how long it takes or what challenges we may have to endure along the way.

This formula that I just stated, if taken seriously, will ALWAYS lead you to the path of success.

It may not be on your timeline, but the tenacity that you show the world will bring you experiences and introduce you to amazing people that you would never met any other way. Life was not meant to be played safely, but rather to be courted with passion. Successful people face huge setbacks personally and professionally, just like people that never reach the level of success that they truly want to experience.

So, would you rather keep your expectations high and go after the deepest of love or the career that turns your passion on, or muddle through life playing it safe, and never creating the life you truly want to live.

Slow down, expect to be successful everyday of your life, regardless of what your outside world might look like right now, and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Love, peace, David

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