Thursday, October 15, 2009

Communication in Relationships: Comments

As expected, this series of blogs has received a lot of responses. I'll list a few here.

"Men were never supposed to communicate as much as women want. It's not in our genes. "

"I think Clair is so right on, go for what you desire in love, and never let any moron try to convince you can be just as great as communicators as women, if they want to."

"I know a lot of my girlfriends who are just like Clairs ex..they entice a guy in by being available to talk, text in the beginning..then they feel entitled to be "chased by a man if he wants me"...that attitude can turn a lot of guys off...I'm a woman and I don't blame's a crappy way to be in a relationship."

True love is equal......both parties must be able to communicate at the same level...which is why we are not for, if you start out in love with great text, email, phone not lose it! even if it stretches you...find the time in the day to takes just a few seconds..and do you know how great it will make your partner feel? my husband is awesome, he makes me feel so special everyday with his contact..for a while i took it for granted...if he'd contact me , sometimes i'd respond, sometimes i wouldn' best friend woke me up one day to the fact about love....i have to stretch myself more if i want it to stay...20 years later, i am blessed by the most amazing man on earth"

" as a guy, I can tell you that getting a text for no reason simply makes me feel loved, yes, some guys would call me a wimp, but whatever..."

" I'm a woman who loves to court and be courted, it should never stop, wane or slow down..if it does, maybe you're not ready for real love.Clair, I think you are...go find the guy who is ready too...."

Slow down, and let your partner know how you feel right now, and every day you are alive.

Love, peace, David


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