Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of a Compliment

Compliments are so powerful, so easy to give, yet we live in a society that is compliment starved. Where we could be transforming others lives and our own if we would get into the habit of looking for more people to compliment, instead, through my private coaching sessions, I see so many people who have fallen beneath their own potential, and wonder if their life will ever truly change.

It is a proven fact that we must first give to this world that which we desire to receive. This is the basic law of abundance. The catch is that when we give, we cannot expect to receive in that moment.

I have worked with some amazing leaders in my life that are masters at giving compliments, and the attitude of the people they surround themselves with shows me the power of a simple gesture like this.

In my own life, when my partner compliments me on even the smallest of things, it resonates deeply within my heart and soul. It validates my existence. Does this sound a little too strong maybe? That a simple compliment could go so deep into a persons heart that it might "validate" their existence? Sometimes the simplest of truths carry the deepest of meanings. Yes, for me and millions of others who know this as reality, no compliment is ever to small, and no compliment is ever taken for granted. They all carry immense power. We may not need them to exist, but they make life joyful, passionate and fun. So much so, that in turn we look for others to compliment daily, or even hourly.

To hear a compliment about ones body from someone they love or care for will inspire that person to continue on with the practice of honoring their "temple", or their body. When I take a moment to compliment my partner on her skills as a therapist, I can see her appreciation for her own talents, which then allows her to stretch herself even more, and go deeper into the work she absolutely loves.

When I compliment someone for their year, month or day of sobriety, I see how it moves them to stay on track. When I compliment a hostess for her stunning attitude, I see her reaction that says "thanks for validating my existence as a worthwhile human being. " This is really big stuff were discussing here, yet we are compliment starved.

Oftentimes it's our own insecurities that get in the way of giving someone a compliment. If we would just quell the small ego, and do it anyway, we would grow immensely as a human being. Yet, too often, the small ego wins, and both parties lose.

Look today for someone you know, and someone you don't know, to compliment. Make it a goal to give at least two compliments out every day from now until you leave this plane.

Slow down, and see the power behind giving compliments daily.

Love, peace, David

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