Monday, October 26, 2009

One Book: A Life Changing/Life Crisis Experience

The following story is true, as are all my articles, yet this one is about how one book changed someones world. And, how in the midst of crisis, if we are open to the messages in the books around us, our life can be changed too.

After our weekly church service a week ago(please see ), a very dear friend John, who I had not seen in several months, came to me to purchase a copy of my spiritual novel "Heaven on Earth: God Speaks Through The Heart of A Young Monk." That afternoon he went to visit his father and was surprised to see him in an angry and upset mood.

When he found out the reason for his upset, he spent several hours trying to help him to calm down, to no avail. On his way out of his dad's home, he turned and offered him my book and said if you want to read it great, if not call me later and I'll come back and pick it up. He really had no reason to believe his dad would read it in his current state, but had no idea of what else he could do to help him out.

Several hours passed and then surprisingly his dad did call and in an amazingly positive mood! He went on to tell John that the reason for the drastic change in his attitude was the book about the Monk! He went on and on to his son about how the book changed his life, and how he wanted all of his friends to read this book as well.

As the author, I can tell you that this story meant the world to me. You see, in the creative arts, or the healing arts, many of us do the work out of pure love, not just to get the accolades of these fields. And quite honestly, if we were in it for the applause, the waiting might get pretty depressing! Doing what you love, because you are drawn to this type of work is the reason we follow our dreams. If we write a best seller, then our first thanks is always to the notion that maybe we can help more people to change their lives versus fewer, then secondly would be the financial rewards, or the notoriety of fame.

I know that the same thing that happened to John's dad has happened to me as well. Books have changed my life. From Viktor Frankels "Man's Search for Meaning" to the biography of Helen Keller, reading about people on deep spiritual paths, as The Monk showed us in my book, can lead us deeper and deeper into a path of peace, love and joy.

I share this story with humility, and gratitude for John's willingness to let me know how his dad has changed. And the hope that if you are in a stressful place, that you too might grab a book to lift your spirits as well.

One book, might be all it takes to change your very existence right now.

Love, peace, David

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