Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Faith: Do You Truly Have It?

When I look at my life and those who I counsel that are on a spiritual or religious path, the most important question we could ever discuss is about faith. While we all want to believe we are filled with faith, are we?

Faith is belief in the yet unseen. Faith moves mountains, as Christ says in the bible multiple times.

Now listen to this: faith is belief, in the yet unseen.

This means that if we are challenged in love, we believe in the healing that has yet to occur, is occurring now.

We believe in the job we do not have, as here now.

We believe in the money we do not have, as here now.

We already believe that the partner we may not have in love, is here, on this planet and moving to us now.

I challenge myself every day to live a more faith filled life. To be used by God as a messenger of love, of faith, more today than yesterday.

Faith, the food of the Divine, is available to all who practice it daily. But like the person who wants to get their body into great shape, it takes a daily concentrated effort to make faith a part of your life.

You have a greater purpose in life than you may know. Through your daily work to strengthen your faith, God will reveal it to you. Are you ready?

Faith, belief in the yet unseen.

Slow down and create a deeper life, filled with faith, right now. And tomorrow as well.

Love, peace, David

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