Thursday, October 15, 2009

Manifesting a New Career

Over the years one of the most exciting ventures that I have been involved in is helping clients to manifest a new career path. They may be in a career and facing burnout, or downsizing, or they just feel it's time to move on and upwards in life.

After deciding where they want to go, we let go of the "how" they will get there and start to create a daily system to follow in order to make this their reality. (I go into great detail on this process in my book and CD "Slow Down" through Hay House Publishing, but this will give you a start. )

1) Create an intention beginning with the words "I AM..." and follow that with what type of work you will be doing by a specific date. "I Am a licensed realtor, therapist, personal trainer, life coach, accountant etc on or before December 1st 2009 doing the work I love with positive associates. "

2) Create a statement of gratitude for what you have in your life right now regarding your current work situation. "I Am grateful for the work I have now that covers my rent. or I Am grateful for the time between jobs that I have right now so that I can find the career I desire. "

3) Create a list of daily action steps with a timeline to follow to create all that you desire, 5 days per week.

A." I awaken at 7am and repeat my intention out loud, then visualize myself in my new position with passion and emotion!"

B. "I follow this with all that I am grateful for right now in my life. "

C. "I send out 5 emails, and make 5 prospecting calls everyday to create the energy that will solidify this new position. "

D. "I write out what I am willing to give in return for this new position. Time per day, willingness to move IE. to Ft Myers Florida for this new job that I am manifesting right now!"

E. Now, we let it go, trust in God or your Higher Power to carry through the rest of the work.

Slow down and realize that you can manifest the career you desire, if you have a plan and follow it daily with passion and persistence!

Love, peace, David

You can continue on with the action steps as you see fit, remembering that we get out of life what we put into it.

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