Thursday, October 22, 2009

Success is Simple: Do you really want it?

Being successful in life is such a simple thing to accomplish if you really want it, and if you know a few of the secrets to success. Before we begin, do you really want it? Or like so many, are you saying yes out of lip service?

Here we go:

1. If you already know you are a success regardless of your current bank account, body, love or lack have passed the test of life. Those who are successful live it, act it, and talk it right now, regardless of what the outside world might be showing them.

2. Re-read 1, if you're not there, read no further, work on this step until it's a part of your DNA.

3. Successful people let go of the end result of any goal, and live today with passion.

4. Those immersed in success surround themselves with like minded people. Period.

5. Successful people live congruently: their thoughts, beliefs and actions are all in alignment. If they believe gossip is harmful, they'd never partake. If they believe God is an important part of their life, they live the principles, they don't just spout scriptures.

6. Successful people have fun....DAILY! They look to laugh, offer kind words, love jokes and find bliss on a rainy day or in a blizzard.

7. Successful people treat their own body with love. Daily. Hourly.

8. Successful people take full responsibility for their errors, and apologize when they in fact are wrong....immediately...or as close to immediately as possible...=)

9. Those with a success mindset have no idea of the phrase "giving up". They walk through the fires of life for love, financial success, health, and attitude.

10. Successful people ask for help from others daily. They see no need to carry the burdens of life alone, and seek counsel from those they respect and or love. And in reverse, they look to support their loved ones, and remind them that we are all in this together.

Slow down, and do what the successful people have done since the beginning of time. They live life in the here and now with joy, faith, and the knowledge that this is not a race but rather a minute by minute exploration of love and happiness, that always is an inside job.

Love, peace, David

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