Monday, October 12, 2009

Communication in Relationships: Part 2

As a follow up to our first blog about the importance of equal communication responsibilites in relationships, my client Clair wanted to respond to my writings, as well as to the comments sent in by so many readers that I shared with her.

Clair had to reach a decidion to either stay in a relationship where her boyfriend had slowly begun to communicate less often over the course of several months, or end the relationship and move on to be with soemone who had the same abilities and desires regsarding equal communication in love.

"After my last session with David, he asked me to go home and complete several different written exercises to help me with the decision to stay or leave my relationship. I admit this did not make me happy, I was not in the mood to write about this, as I was mentally exhausted thinking and speaking about this topic.

My boyfriend and I started out so strong in our interest to communicate during the day, via text and email, and it was exactly what I had wanted my entire life. I could feel my love and trust in him buliding every day. So when he started scaling back, I went into concern, confusion nad then even insecurity. While we talked about him slacking off in communicating with me, he never could tell me why.

As I wrote out my assignments, this became the foundation for my decidion to end the relationship. His inabilty to go deeper withing himself and figure out what was holding him back, his lack of interest in coming to my sessions with David so that we could work on this, all together made it clear to me that I wanted to be with soemone who did desire to keep the communication strong, throughout our lives together.

I'm at a good place now. I know what I want in a relationship, and as David has reassured me, that knowingness, plus patience, will bring to me a great new, long lasting relationship. I am also realistic in love. I know that there are days that someone may be caught up in work and cannot talk as much as other days. I also know, that this can be accpeted by being communicated with. The days of trying to guess why my partner is not communcating as much as ususal are long over.

I'm excited as I also believe with all of my heart that I am worthy of this kind of man, this kind of love. While this recent decision was very hard, as I did love the man I was with, I feel ready to move forward in life. I want to thank everyone who wrote in to David after his first blog on this topic, as your feedback helped me too. "

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