Thursday, October 8, 2009

Real Estate Email Campaign Success Story

For years now I have been encouraging my real estate business clients to get extremely active with their weekly email campaigns in order to create more success in this industry. Some, who are very open minded, have taken advantage of what the Internet can do for them, while far too many have let great opportunities slide right on by.

Email campaigns through companies like are very easy to set up and the benefits are long lasting. The idea is to create a weekly newsletter for your contacts, friends, pipeline etc. that offers tips and free information regarding the keys to buy or sell a house.

At a recent real estate conference that I spoke at, only 5 of the 250 attendees were using e-campaigns as a way to build their business! Amazing! If you have a data base of 50 or 5,000 people, this is the surest "low sell" way to keep your name in front of them while at the same time offering educational tips at no charge. A great way to brand yourself as a leader in your industry.

Our company started our e-campaign strategy in 1996, and it continues today as we send out weekly newsletters offering tips, book recommendations for success and so much more. One subscriber, who had been receiving our newsletter for several years recently called to book me as their keynote speaker in this industry, without even talking to me personally!

The message on my voicemail said, "Hi David, I've been getting your stuff for years, my real estate board went to your site, agreed that you'd be a great speaker, so we want to hire you now. Contract is being sent in the mail today. See you soon!"

Isn't that amazing? Now, this is just one of many stories that I could share with you from the past 14 years that validates the power of e-marketing. Many of my clients can share similar stories of people they have stayed in contact with over the years through their own real estate newsletters who have called years after their first transaction to work with them again. This stuff really is powerful.

Slow down, get involved with email campaigns to become more successful in the real estate industry.

Peace, love, David

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