Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Love never leaves us....."

As my client asked for the way out of her pain, over the divorce papers she had just signed, I said to her "Sara, you and I both know that the answer you are seeking is this, love never leaves us. "

She looked at me with tears streaming down her face, smiled and simply said, "I know that is the truth."

Now, in the middle of pain, I would never expect anyone to really get the truth about love and loss, but Sara was ready to hear it, and knew it to already be true.

If a loved one passes or lover leaves us, love is always right next to us, with a huge fuzzy smile on it's face, letting us know that "IT", the reason for our existence, is here to stay. Love will surely manifest again in our lives as soon as we are ready to open our hearts once again.

And this is great news! Why? Because, in our pain, in the processing we all must go through, so many people get stuck in the belief that love has gone away for good. That this one person, maybe someone they considered there soul mate, can never be replaced. Or a parent they loved deeply, will not be back in this lifetime.

Yet, time after time the opposite has happened. The minute we re-open our hearts, love comes waltzing back in. Sometimes in the form of a lover, a pet, or a brand new friend that just lifts our spirits.

Slow down and let love back in right now. Open your closed heart and see life, see love, look for love right now. It's been looking for you as well.

Love, peace, REv. David

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