Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breaking Through Our Creative Blocks for Success

During a recent lifestyle coaching session, one of my clients asked if we could discuss the various causes behind our "creative blocks" in life. Probably the most noted one is "writer's block," when we hit a wall in trying to create, begin, or finish anything from a homework assignment, speech, or actual literary project.

But these blocks can also arise with projects that pertain to music, art, or even trying to decide how to landscape our yard. The block many times will manifest itself as procrastination — with a seeming lack of creativity we put off finishing projects we are working on or find a thousand reasons why we don't even begin them.

While there may be many causes for creative block, I believe the most prolific ones have to do with : 1) a mental, physical, or spiritual fatigue; or 2) a self limiting judgment/belief that questions "who are we to be creative" . . . or "who are we to take this time for ourselves to . . .".
If we are fatigued mentally, physically, or spiritually, our ability to be creative diminishes greatly. Creativity needs to come from a place that is well nourished, a mind that is relaxed, open and intuitive, a body that is rested and well fed, and a spiritual foundation that is supported by daily prayer, meditation, and gratitude. If you personally hit a creative block, evaluate yourself against these three criteria and make the changes necessary. I'd even recommend putting a project off if possible for a few days so that you can focus on nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. Creativity will then begin to flow naturally.

The second major cause of these creative blocks has to do with our own self-limiting judgments or beliefs. The thought may arise . . . "Who am I to think I'm creative enough to write for that magazine, to direct the school play, or to speak to this group." This judgment can easily stop us cold and present a block in the form of procrastination. Or we may struggle with the belief that it is selfish for us to take time away from other responsibilities (family, friends, etc.) to go after our dreams. "Who do I think I am spending this hour writing or playing the piano when I should be . . .".

These conscious and subconscious thoughts easily derail us from pursuing our goals, blocking creativity, and create the perfect opportunity to procrastinate. What we forget to realize is that if we are pursuing dreams and goals that nurture our own purpose here, we'll actually bring more zest, vitality and love to those around us.

We can only lose if we submerge our true passions.
Create the space to nurture your essence and to release these self-limiting judgments. It is at this place that creativity will flow non-stop.

Slow down to release any and all creative blocks today.

Love, peace, REv. David www.davidessel.com
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