Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Benefits of Coffee, Joe, Java

Whether you call it Java, Jo or Brew, more Americans are visiting coffee shops, bistros and specialty restaurants now for their daily energy booster than researchers can ever remember.

The noon martini has been swiftly replaced by a latte or espresso, making lunch meetings or afternoon social gatherings a healthier experience. Business “mastermind” groups, popularized in the 50’s & 60’s, by admirers of Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, have come back in vogue as entrepreneurs and managers meet in the early mornings over specialty coffees to keep their creative juices flowing.

And now, fascinating news from the world of medicine is supporting the trend of coffee consumption in our country.
Harvard researchers recently reported that those who drink 6 cups or more each day decreased the risk of diabetes in men and women, by an incredible 54% & 30% respectively over coffee avoiders.
What’s even more powerful about this particular study is the fact that this trial involved data on over 120,000 people for 18 years. Direct medical costs for the treatment of diabetes in the United States exceeded $130 billion in the year 2003, making this finding a possible important key to reducing this deadly disease.

Of course, for caffeine sensitive individuals, a more moderate level of coffee consumption may be recommended to decrease the possible side effects of nervousness or insomnia. Either way, coffee consumption is here to stay.

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