Sunday, December 13, 2009

Texting During Sex 3: More Comments!

The response to this blog has totally shocked me. I had no idea that this was occuring regularly. Read on.

"yes...........I'm one of those women that did this too. As I was texting when my xboyfriend was pleasing me, he looked up, yelled something, got up and left. I did nothing, did not run after him , nothing. Yes, I was sorry. An hour later I got a text from him saying it was over. We were going to get married in 3 months, and I totally blew it. He was right to leave me. It was the most insensitive move I could have ever made. I am sorry, and have learned a lot since then about life...the hard way. "

"As a retired minister, my goal is to help couple work through their issues. It would have been wise for them both to get into counseling the very next day. It could have saved their relationship. There were probably many more issues that were not being addressed within their love, which is one of the reasons she acted in this way. "

"Men in general have a tendency to blow up first, then talk. It would have been great if he could have done that here. However, even as I say this, as a woman, we can do some pretty cruel things to men, and this is one of the worst things you can do to a mans self confidence, or at least the confidence he would have in the relationship. Trust can be shattered deeply, when women, or men, hurt their partner in bed. "

"Oh my Gosh! This could have been probably eliminated if she would have stopped texting the first time he said something and apologized deeply for the insensitive move she just made!!!! He might have been able to forgive her there, there, right away, if he felt that she was sincere. What was she thinking!!!!!"

Let's all awaken to the reality of love.

Slow down, and be love always, especially when intimacy is involved.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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