Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods: Part 2: Your Comments

Let's look for a voice of reason to go along with all of the negative sensationalism that is currently surrounding Tiger Woods. Here are a few comments relating to my first blog on Tiger.

"I admire Tiger charities, all the magnificent work he has done for children, and the centers are so educational. He is someone with a big heart and HUMAN after all...I hope everything turns out OK in his personal life...You are right sooner or later we all make mistakes and our duties are to improve ourselves and become better people, perhaps the only way we can achieve the improvement is with love and support from others...REJECTION and negativity makes things worse..."

"The media is based on sensationalism, and in this case continuing to bring more information into the public eye will hurt everyone, his wife, families and children even more. Like you said, those around the office gossiping about people like Tiger should look into their own imperfections, and heal themselves first. "

"We are looking into the mirror as we exhaust Tigers errors. Yes, gossip is all about trying to make ourselves feel better, more superior than who we are talking about. you nailed that point."

"You've written before about sex addiction, and I even heard you do a radio show on this topic. You said then that many people caught in affairs are actually battling a sexual addiction, like alcoholism, the drinker cannot stop at one. The analogy here is interesting David. Maybe you could help him heal."

"The answer is to turn off all media reporting on this topic, and to walk away from anyone who wants to discuss it. As you say, Period. "

As I said earlier, it is better that we focus on ourselves, loving each other more, and taking care of our own faults and weaknesses instead of gossiping about others. Forgive yourself for all the errors you've made in life first.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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