Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Personality Type? This may surprise you....

I’m sure over the years you’ve heard of the various systems that have been created to measure one’s personality type. From the simple Type A, B or C personality to the more complex Meyers-Brigg evaluations, we’ve been trying to figure out the how’s and why’s of our personalities since, well probably, the beginning of time.

Back in the day, our caveman ancestor “OGG-A” could not imagine why his brother “OGG-B” wasn’t as motivated to get up early the first day of dinosaur hunting season. Now of course we all realize that “OGG-B” was simply following his natural inclination to be a little more laid back, hence his “B” like personality.

It dawned on me recently that we need to introduce a new personality scale based on the incredible, and oh yes edible, egg. You know, instead of letting all of those professor types lead us into believing that they actually have figured our who we all are, I wanted to hit it from a slightly different, or maybe a very different angle. =)

So today I unveil the “Perceived Essel Egg Personality Profile,” soon to be recognized as the world renowned “PEEPP” scale. (If you already connected the dots and saw the correlation between eggs, baby chickens and the “peep” noise they make, you’re way too evolved to finish this article. Carry on with a more meaningful task, perhaps.)

See if you can locate your personality type in the “PEEPP” Scale:

Hard Boiled — You guessed it, a real stubborn and mostly pessimistic personality who rarely want to hear anyone else’s opinion. Their gruff exterior is equally matched with a tough and untouchable heart.

Scrambled — These people really have it tough. Nothing ever seems to go right, usually rushed and frantic in their day to day dealings with the world. Often view themselves as a “victim” due to harshness of the hard boiled’s attitude.

Over-easy — Nothing ever seems to bother this group as they move slowly and confidently through each day. Great at accepting both compliments and criticisms alike, truly the envy of all other personalities. (and hated by the hard boiled gang.)

Poached — Stubborn, yet with a soft spot for the scrambled gang. Tough exterior is a façade to a sweet and warm heart.

Spicy Omelet — Never a dull moment with this group, they love living life to the max! While sometimes initially confused with the scrambled gang, people quickly see how the spicy omelet in a matter of minutes can get their act together. If provoked, quick to anger, so beware.
So, which egg-type personality are you? How about your best friend or lover? Feel free to email me at david@davidessel.com if you’re interested in having me help you to deal with another egg-type that’s got you heated underneath your shell.

Peace, Love,
Rev. David Essel, M.S.www.davidessel.comAuthor, Radio & Television Host, Lifestyle Coach

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