Monday, September 28, 2009

Presenting with Passion

3 week course begins on October 15, 22 & 29
Thursdays 2-5pm

Learn the art of presenting and public speaking with Master Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, David Essel.

"Great communicators, as well as great speakers aren't born that way, they all have a system to follow to create their dynamic ability to communicate, at work, in front of groups, and in their personal relationships." - David Essel

David Essel's program can help you to create your own communication system and style that will allow you to become an exceptional communicator. This course not only gives you techniques for sound and stimulating public speaking, but can help you build the confidence to do it with ease. From the elevator speech to the lecture hall, David will guide you through the processes that can help you tap into your innate ability to use your voice, your words and your passion to deliver your message in a way that will engage and enthrall your audiences, both large and small.

You will learn among other things how to:

1) Create a Simple yet Effective Outline for speaking
2) Keep Your Audience's Attention
3) Speak with Brevity and Power

David provides a unique opportunity to not only develop compelling speaking skills, but as a life coach he can help you break through the barriers that hold you back from getting your message out to the world!

Cost: $350 (50% off the normal cost of this course $695). This discount is being given as a courtesy to the Church of Spiritual Light.
Location: Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. Unit 1, Ft. Myers, FL 33907

For information/registration, call David Essel, 941-266-7676.

"I wanted to let you know how rewarding and relevant your public speaking class was. Regardless of whether I will be presenting a training session, providing information at a sales meeting, speaking one on one with someone or in front of a group, the techniques I learned are invaluable. Speaking in public has always intrigued me but I never thought much about putting my thoughts into action because I didn't feel I "owned" a topic nor had the confidence to make it come to fruition. Today tells a different story and the thoughts of delivering a presentation that excites an audience and/or informs them on the subject matter is something I look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, strategies, skills, experience, etc. to allow us to focus on our strengths, gain confidence and have the ability to present to an audience a speech they will never forget! As always, your dedication, caring and knowledge mean so much!" - Joann Marlow, Regional Manager, SellState Premier Realty Network

"David Essel's, Presenting With Passion, will teach you how to get your point across to others in a laser like 60 seconds! You will learn the incredible power of an outline in organizing thought. It can easily be expanded from one minute to one hour, from a short talk to a complete book. David's feedback was encouraging yet he gently provided specific opportunities for improvement and told us exactly how to get there. Whether you plan to speak publicly or just use these new skills in your personal and business life the experience you gain through organization, preparation and actually delivering a short talk will give you newfound confidence and personal power that can't be taken away! "- David Jennings

Oct 15th, 22nd, & 29th 2-5pm

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