Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Path to Love through Devotion: Part 2

The response to this first blog on love and devotion was so fantastic, that I wanted to expound upon it just a little more. It is by far one of the most overlooked topics when it comes to creating the deepest of love relationships.

"By far, this article on Devotional Love was the catalyst to get me thinking in a whole new way. My boyfriend and I read it together, and afterward, as I had tears, he moved closer and just held me, saying nothing. He doesn't share his emotions often, which has had me on the verge of leaving him several times. Later that evening, he looks directly at me and tells me he has decided to devote his life to me! I was in shock! When i asked him to explain what he means, he just held me close and told me that he has just gone beyond love.....he now is in a state of total devotion to me, us, and our love. I am in awe, and want to thank you for being some sort of catalyst in our lives. " Danille

"I've never thought of devoting myself to anyone but God...but you made me think...since God is love, it makes perfect sense that I can devote my life to my husband, to love him with absolute the love I'm recommitting to him is the God's grace in my heart...thank you, as I write this he's reading my words, and is moved beyond belief...." Joey

"OK, I thought you went a little overboard here with this devotion/love stuff...seemed a little too intense for me...and a little scary...what if I devote my love at the deepest level to my partner, and she doesn't do the same? Then it hit me had written before that if we are open, devoted, and real ...our partner has the best chance to be the same..and if we are both there, look out right? real love can exist..Cathy and I talked last nite about this, and we even wrote it down, that from this moment forward, we are in total devotion to each other..

when we finished, i said that this seems even more serious, deeper than a marriage license...she responded, it is...devotion, when spoken between 2 people, raises the did this for us..and we are ready..thank you so very much for going deeper in your work. " Patrick

I sat in amazement as I read the various responses to the article. Yes, when I devote myself everyday to my partner, it does go deep, it does act as a reminder that there are no other options if I want the chance for the most amazing Divine Union that this planet can offer. Devotion, real devotion demands of us to create a daily ritual to remind us of what we are desiring to create!

It does not come at first without a conscious, concentrated effort. If you want something magical, amazing in your life, you must put that same effort out there. It's a simple law, a universal law, and it works.

You have to be fully ready to devote your life to someone, to state it, yes write it, then practice it daily. If this is the type of love you want, talk to your partner about that. If you're single and desire this, see it as already done in your mind, then it will have the chance to manifest.

Slow down, create the love you want through conscious, daily devotion to your partner.

Love, peace, David

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