Saturday, September 19, 2009

Media distractions to avoid as a Real Estate Professional

If you truly want to get ahead as a real estate professional, or anyone in commission sales for that matter, you'll have to be aware of the media distractions that can pull you off course in your quest for success.

Now, what I'm about to share will seem outrageous to some, and make complete common sense to others. If it bothers you, do it anyway, and watch your focus and productivity increase dramatically.

For the most part, TV, newspapers and radio news clips are created to sensationalize the negativity in our world. If you're an avid viewer, reader or listener of the news, I can almost guarantee that you are far from reaching your potential in business, and further away from making the money you want to make.

Pretty bold statement to some, common knowledge to others.

If you really want to maximize your potential in this field, I'm going to ask you to take a 14 day hiatus from ALL media. Yes, ALL media.

No news of any type, no garbage into your brain that saps you of energy and creativity. Instead, fill this time with motivational Cd's, DVDs, and books.

Do you think you can do it?

I will guarantee that if you follow this simple plan, you'll find a major shift in your attitude over this very short period of time. Now, you may get anxious, even irritable, as you miss your daily dose of negativity, as it truly can become an addiction. But I know from working with hundreds of agents over the past many years, that every single one of them were shocked at how their productivity increased so dramatically when they removed the negative media from their lives.

Do you really need another mention of the state of our economy? Or how the real estate market is still so slow? Don't you realize that if something truly remarkable occurs, you'll find out about it from someone else?

Slow down, remove the media distractions starting today to maximize your potential in the world of real estate.

Love, peace, David

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