Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maximizing Your Business Potential in Real Estate

When I began my work as a business coach in the world of real estate, the very first question from a broker that hired me had to do with the challenge of getting his agents to maximize their own potential. "I can offer them the education they need, but I want to learn from you how to get them to not only see their potential in this field, but then to go after it without fear!"

I so loved his attitude, his openness, that before I knew it I had created a whole new line of work for myself that I had never intended on doing. And the most fascinating fact about all of this was that I had no professional training in this field, which meant that I had no blind spots. Business coaching is business coaching, it all revolves around attitudes and plans. Where others would rely on the "that concept would never work here, not in this industry, not at this time, not in this economy"...I had none of that baggage. All I knew was, where there was a system to follow, there could be success.

Today is no different than my very first experience years ago. As I continue to work with brokers and agents from across the USA, my intense desire to see these individuals reach their highest level of success, to exceed their own potential, is at the top of my list during each session or at every convention that I speak at.

Here are some tips that I'd love every professional in this field, (or any other commission based sales professionals) to ask themselves as they move forward in life:

1) What does my 30 day sales/prospecting system consist of...and is it in writing?

2) When was the last time I recorded myself doing a buyer/seller sales presentation?

3) What are my current beliefs about the economy , my industry, and my current income level?

4) Why am I in this industry?

5) What would it take for me to double or triple my income in the next 12 months? (If you think you can answer this question on your own...most of us will never achieve the success we desire. Why? Because whatever it is that you are creating right now regarding income, is from your best thinking and motivation. We need outside input to excel in life.Ask someone else to answer this question for you. )

All motivated professionals will take this mini survey and write out the answers to each question within the next 24 hours. Are you ready to create the business you really want? If so, start working on this assignment right now.

One of my clients joined the real estate industry 2 years ago, just as it was beginning to dramatically drop. As a new agent, he decided to hire me to assist him in his quest. With a new family, he needed to create success, and quickly. I told him that the first place to begin was with a daily system of action steps that must be followed religiously, and if he were to do this, his success would shortly follow.

For 6 months we worked together weekly, with little sign of success. But his attitude was impeccable. His work ethic, no more, no less than 40 hours per week, was amazingly consistent. At the 7 month mark, things started to happen even though by then the market was crashing. Today, he is a brilliant success story, and I give him all the credit.

His desire, diligence, and effort have paid off with a salary he only dreamed about before. Our current market has not stifled his enthusiasm, and the same opportunity is waiting for you as well. If you want it, you can create a system for success and finally allow yourself the chance to maximize your potential in this field.

Slow down, and start your new path today.

Love, peace David http://www.davidessel.com/

ps...we are now offering free educational/ motivational audio segments for brokers and agents to use to enhance their success in business. Simply go to our site, and you can listen , or download, and if you'd like, sign up for our e-newsletter and have these audio clips sent your your inbox twice every month for free!

I look forward to meeting everyone this Friday in New York at the annual Greater Capitol Association of Realtors Conference , as I offer the Keynote on this very topic! We will have an amazing time......

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