Thursday, September 24, 2009

You are so much more than you may know...

As I sat listening to a third client in a row lament the fact that their life had not turned out the way that they had hoped, that they weren't as wonderful as they thought because of what was going on in their world, a constant thought was racing through my head, "You are so much more than you may know."

Isn't it true? We rarely see the full beauty that we are. We rarely hold on to that truth for very long if we ever do see it. If we could see that absolute divinity that we are, the magnificent human that we each are, and hold onto that truth when things are great, or when they seemingly slip, the world would be the most majestic place we could ever imagine.

For it takes that kind of individual self love to transform the world. Yes, YOU are the center of your Universe. YOU are that important, that beautiful, that immense, that unique, that awe inspiring! How do I know this to be true? God told me so. In my daily communion, I continue to receive His message of the uniqueness, the full out love that each of us are. That every one of us carry. That we have the hardest time seeing for ourselves.

The mystics have told us this for thousands of years. Jesus told us, as did Buddha. The Gnostic bible is filled with this information too. So, when will we see this beautiful fact? When we make up our minds to and not a moment sooner.

A client lost his life savings recently, and was afraid to date as he had equated his self esteem with how much money he had. When he realized that his true value always resided in his heart, he headed out to meet the woman of his dreams, and will not stop until love becomes his new life focus. He is seeing the absolute beauty that he is, and for the first time in 15 years, is exuding a confidence, a sincerity, that even his co workers are commenting on.

Another client who in the past 6 months gained 30 pounds, had become emotionally housebound, as her friends had always commented on how she was always the one in such fantastic physical shape. Recently, after spending 30 days examining her true self worth, which again resided in her heart, not her body, she adopted a fully exuberant attitude about life and is back in the world spreading her love and faith.

Most of us by pass who we truly are, the gifts we have been given that are unique to us. Until we look into the mirror and see that divine self, we will always sell ourselves short, just wishing we had the body, money, luck, job, partner or whatever of someone else.

Today is the day to awaken to your own individual beauty. Are you ready for the task? A simple yes, will open up a whole new world to you and everyone around you.

Slow down to see, that you are so much more than you may ever know.

Love, peace, David

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