Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dealing with sensitive , sexual challenges

In all partnerships, if you are living on the edge of love, sexuality, eroticism and sensuality, you will have to learn how to deal with times that offer sensitive, sexual challenges. How a couple faces and walks through these fires is exactly in equivalence to how deep they can go in love, and how far reaching their own love can blossom.

I'd love to share a personal experience, to prove just how crucial communication is in love.

My partner and I had just fallen into each others arms, and our passion ignited in an instant. While at other times we had let this passion build slowly, this would be far from that. We were purely primal in this instant, with kisses that were very assertive, hands that groped for ecstasy, and bodies writhing in the pleasure of physical union.

As our fire built, I followed my natural instinct and began verbalizing certain phrases, that were igniting passion between us at an even deeper level. At one point, I passed an "unknown, unspoken line", and said something that stopped my partner in her tracks. She looked down at me and said, "David, I didn't like that "......Unsure of what she meant , I asked for clarification.

She repeated several times the phrase, and how it made her feel. I reached up held her in my arms and drew her close. At that moment, her tears started flowing. I started to talk.

"I'm so sorry for hurting you with words, that I had no idea would take you to this level. I am so sorry that you are feeling this pain. Let me hold you, let me share my safety with you again. "

As her tears continued to flow, I held her closer, closer and closer again. Within a short time, we had raised our level of love, of trust to a completely new dimension. As we slowed down, we began touching, kissing again with an amazingly soft and sensual intention. We rebuilt the trust, we spoke from the heart, and she knew she was safe once again. The trigger was gone, and we had grown to know each other at a whole new level.

In the past , each of us may have reacted in a totally different way. I may have become defensive, she may have shut down. But because we had decided to speak daily to each other about our desire to lift each other to higher levels of love, we know that the other person would never hurt us with intention. We stood in the fire of love that afternoon in bed, and reaped the amazing rewards that true, deep intimacy offers.

Slow down, speak with love as you hit sensitive, sexual challenges, and watch love bloom.

Love, peace David

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