Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vulnerability in Love: Are you ready?

One of my best friends and a former client, who I love dearly, sat before me pouring his heart out as he discussed his love relationship. "I have never been so vulnerable, and I have never received such an amazing response from anyone I've ever been with. I feel open, ready, desiring the deepest of love. "

At first glance, his statement could seem so frivolous, so cute, or so powerful. Which is it to you?

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, as is written in many books including those by Jerry and Esther Hicks, my friend was smack dab in the middle of it. He had attracted, created, manifested the deepest connection in love, because he was willing to "go there" first. Because he was willing to be so vulnerable, which is what love truly is all about, in return he was experiencing all that he desired. It's not magic, but it works. Every time.

So many people say that they want the deepest love connection, then sit back and play it safe. At the first sign of trouble or their own insecurity, they shut down, or worst, run. He had stepped into the fire of love, exposed his own insecurities with his lover from the very beginning, and as he would share later, his partner had matched him step by step.

There were no games, no cat and mouse, no keeping the other off balance, wondering where they stood in love. From the beginning, they had voiced, and then followed through with their actions, that they were both ready to move to deep intimacy, deep trust, and put their love for each other at the forefront of everything else.

And what they both received in return was stunning. In a very short period of time, they were at the place of love that normally took some couples years to reach. But it was not without effort, and as he mentioned 50 times in 50 minutes, being vulnerable was the key.

"Our issues in the beginning were dealt with immediately. That was different, because in the beginning of love many times we don't speak honestly, as we do not want to rock any boats. We just bypassed that stage, and were very real. It seemed that for the first time in each of our lives, that we left the infatuation stage of love quite early. Not that we aren't deeply attracted to each other still, because we truly are, but that being intimate, real, open took precedent over all else. Holding each other for hours seemed like the natural thing to do. Speaking of our fears as we held each other, seemed natural, although I will admit scary. Both of us shedding tears as we spoke about what frightened us in love, opened these huge doors that we basically ran through together. That's the type of thing couples usually wait too long to do. "

I just sat there smiling, as I had no need to give advice, other that to say "rock on".

Vulnerability in love is the only path that will lead to the real thing. Are you ready?

Slow down to create the love, or to prepare yourself for the love, you've always wanted.

Love, peace, David

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