Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unusual Stages of Enlightenment, Awakening

After receiving so many comments regarding our first article on awakening, or the steps of enlightenment, I wanted to share some very important information that should help many of us in our quest for higher levels of functioning.

As I briefly alluded to before, the path to enlightenment is not all bliss and fun as many people believe it to be.

Let's look at a variety of circumstances that could be the lamp posts you are looking for, to know you are directly on path. These are what some may say, are the unusual steps to this beautiful state:

..if you see you are in constant doubt..about yourself, life...

..realize that you are very unhappy in your job or relationship...

..come to acknowledge an addiction in your life...

...realize that yes, you gossip often..

...become aware that you talk about and lean on one of your many "stories in life.."IE, money is always a struggle...men are all dogs...because of your childhood, you ...fill in the blank....

..you understand that you "live on the fence a lot in life"...you're afraid to take chances...

If you come to any of these realizations, Congratulations! You've just moved up your own personal ladder towards enlightenment, for it is only when you acknowledge the truth, about you, that you can really start to change.

Stepping into the unknown, letting go of the past, or thoughts that do not make you feel strong, centered, is a key to personal growth.

Awakening to your next level can be as simple as seeing the truth here, for your own life, and then surrounding yourself daily with what you are thankful for, vs what is not/has not worked in your life.

Slow down, see the power of who you are, not what you've been. Watch for the unusual stages of enlightenment in your life.

Love, peace, David http://www.davidessel.com/

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