Thursday, September 24, 2009

Emotional Foreplay: A Powerful Sexual Lubricant

If there ever was a powerful sexual lubricant, it has to be emotional foreplay. If done correctly, and consistently, it will get both partners into that amazing intimate zone where the world of passion ignites the flow of sexual and emotional fluids. Put quite simply, emotional foreplay rocks.

So what exactly is emotional foreplay? It's the myriad of actions that helps you connect and get excited about being with your partner. From text messages that say "I love you", to emails, phone calls and yes even a card dropped in the mail for no apparent reason.

Emotional foreplay is to sex what pre- season training is to the athlete. Without it, your season is going nowhere. If we want a relationship to not just last, but to prosper beyond belief, we must put the daily effort into keeping our love alive.

I remember a time when I had left my partner a very loving and explicit voicemail , about how I wanted to hold her, kiss her and yes more that very evening. I went into great detail about how slowly I would kiss her and what would happen the minute I saw her. When I called a few hours later just to say hi, she was totally in that zone of love, of desire, and said how she could not wait to kiss me as well. Hearing her response sent me into the most amazing tailspin, which then increased our desire to be with each other.

Without that initial call, while we would have still had an amazing connection, it could never have gone as deep as it did. To me, this is what intimacy is all about. She told me repeatedly how much she appreciated not just the message, but the very fact that I continued to stay connected even if we were not together.

If a man makes his partner dinner, and surprises her with even the simplest of meals, that's emotional foreplay. If a woman goes out of her way to pick her partner up his favorite coffee without being asked, and swings by his office unannounced with this small gift, that's the glue called emotional foreplay.

It gets our minds, hearts, thoughts and bodies flowing. It's the simple acts that helps to deepen your emotional connection to your partner.

Slow down, and make emotional foreplay, a powerful sexual lubricant, a part of your daily life.

Love, peace, David

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